An artist you should check out: Grace Mitchell


So earlier today Buzzfeed published this article about new artists you need to listen to, I knew about a few of them (Ella Henderson, Jess Glynne and Kwabs,) but I hadn’t heard of a lot of them so I decided to check out the rest of them starting, as common sense dictates at the first one, this happened to be someone called Grace Mitchell. and. Um. Well if I’m honest, I haven’t listened to any of the rest of the people on that list.

There is one issue that I have which is that living in the UK means I can’t buy any of her stuff on iTunes so I had to listen to it on SoundCloud, which is fine it just means I don’t know if there is more that I can’t access; I had the same problem with Lorde a couple of years ago, so I’m going to talk about the three tracks I have listened to.

The track “Runaway” is quite  Grimes- esque with it’s rising synth line and yelping background vocals, the lyrics are full of a quiet longing to runaway with someone and just be with them, not having to deal with the drama that you experience in a relationship. At least that’s how I interpret it, a particular lyric that stuck out to me was ” Let me be your Mary Jane/ Kiss upside down in the pouring rain,”

“Your Design” is an interesting track in the way that it builds, it starts out with just a very minimal XX style synth line which then has some drum machine added, the chorus has quite a nice triumphant feel but it’s the way it builds to a fantastic “Sky full of stars” style bouncy instrumental right at the end that makes the song for me, Lyrically its fine, the chorus is cool it seems to be about being alone with someone and wanting to know them deeper.

“Broken Over You” is the best song here it’s about unrequited love, something I can  sympathise with, being so desperate for someone that when they talk to you, you don’t even care what they’re saying only that they are chatting to you, and wishing that they would say they loved you back, so much it makes you a bit crazy. I’ve certainly  been there and I think most people have.

I think she as an artist shows an incredible amount of potential and for her age of 17 the song writing is really very good I can’t wait to see where she goes from here and I also can’t wait to be able to actually buy some music of hers when I’m able to.

Her Soundcloud

Her Twitter

Oh also check out this super cool video for Childish Gambino’s new single “Sober

Also you can follow me on Twitter should you wish, I don’t really post anything but still.

Edit: I mistakingly wrote that she was 16, she is in fact 17 sorry about that.

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