Billy and Me review.

billy and me

Billy and Me

Giovanna Fletcher

“Billy and Me” is the story of “Sophie May” a normal girl from the sleepy village of Rosefont Hill, who one day while at work in the local tea shop meets the brilliant “Billy Buskin” a young actor who wants to make it to the top, they fall in love and she soon learns about the brutality of both the film industry and the tabloids, while dealing with her own pressures of trying to have a relationship with someone very famous and her own personal baggage.

I have to say I didn’t expect to like this book, at all as I am completely the wrong audience for it, but I really liked it, I found the characters both believable and relatable, I rooted for them throughout, the romance is really genuine, plus I thought it was a very accurate representation of what it would be like to date someone very famous in the digital age. It also dealt with the conflicts extremely well without them being clichéd, plus it made me feel happy while I read it.

It is escapist fiction unpretentious and simple, but that isn’t to take anything away from it at all, if anything it’s something to be praised, it’s a novel that knows what it wants to do and does it, it doesn’t scream “Look at how impressive and arty I am!” Yes it name checks a lot of great novels and has a main character who loves books, but so what? A lot of people love books and the novels it mentions are regarded as classics for a reason, they’re really rather good.

But that isn’t to say there is no depth, far from it Sophie’s main relationships Particularly the one between her and her mum, are written about in brilliant detail, I think it’s at first glance simplicity is deceptive, because as the novel unfolds and you learn more about the characters, it becomes apparent that it is a bit more than what you originally thought it was.

I’d recommend this book to anyone it was genuinely romantic and resonated with me emotionally, yes it’s unlikely that I’m going to meet a gorgeous actress who’s going to whisk me away, from my normal everyday life, but surely realism (in that department at least) isn’t the point of reading something like this is it? If the point of a novel like this or a good romantic comedy is to make you happy then it definitely succeeds.

Rating: 4.5/ 5.  A very romantic book extremely well written, I hope that she writes more, as she has an interesting style that I would love to see more of.

See you Later

Daniel McKeon

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