I’m back, let’s talk about books.

So I’m back from yet another unexpected hiatus, this time though the circumstances are far better. I love books and while I’ve been away I’ve been reading a lot of books, so here’s a quick list of what I would recommend.


1. Nigel Slater: Tender volumes 1 and 2. These are the quintessential books for any gardener and Nigel Slater fan, telling the story of how he dug up his garden and planted his own fruit and vegetables, it is like all of his books, deeply interesting and a must buy for keen cooks.

Rating 4.5/5


2. John Green: The Fault in Our Stars. Simply breathtaking, I read this book in two days, as I couldn’t put it down, the story of a girl with terminal cancer Called Hazel who, at a cancer support meeting meets the brilliant “Augustus Waters” a cancer survivor, it made me laugh and at the end weep uncontrollably, it’s John’s best book but you should definitely read his others as they are all excellent, and I’m very much looking forward to the film.

Rating: 5/5


3. John Lanchester: Capital. A mystery novel at its core but is really more about character, it is very interesting and on the whole pretty satisfying, the only real problem is that it often feels rushed, as there are so many characters, that there is no way that you could possibly give closure to all of them unless it was about 300 pages longer, which in some ways I would have preferred, very good, if a little over ambitious.

Rating: 3.5/5

the girl

4. Steig Larson: The Gil With The Dragon Tattoo (trilogy). My favourite trilogy of books and the first book is tied with The Fault in Our Stars as my favourite book of all time,, these are so good I love the characters the slight sleaziness and the fact that all three are so different from one another, also they all spend such a long time developing the characters that you feel as if you have known them for a long time, they are truly gripping and they made a great transition to film, they’re pretty dark though so I would say an age rating of about 17+.

Rating: 5/5

so that’s what I’ve been reading, I’m currently reading “Billy and Me” by Giovanna Fletcher which is lovely, and “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis, which I am also enjoying, I will review these when I have finished them.

See you Later

Daniel McKeon.

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