Kanye West-athon: “The College Dropout”


The College Dropout

Ok let’s go, one day early…
It’s strange at this point in time, to think that there was a time before Kanye, but there was and This was the album that catapulted a young Kanye West into the forefront of rap music, before this he was best known for his work behind the scenes for Jay- Z, it (the album) was an audacious stunt, but it’s a testament to his skill and his infamous ego that he managed to pull it off.

The album opens with the intro, which is really one of the many skits on the album, it’s ok, and it does set the scene for what the album will be presenting, it then goes straight into the first track “We don’t care” which does talk about some slightly stereotypical things to talk about in a rap album “Drug dealing just to get by/ stacking money ’till it gets high”, but it’s really quite sunny and upbeat, with some horns and a sing- song hook, and frankly shows that Kanye is no thug, just a normal-ish guy.

I really like this album, I like that it balances humour while being extremely honest, and occasionally dark, “Jesus Walks” is, in my opinion one of the best songs he has ever written, talking about his faith and the fact that the public would rather listen to the, “cash, guns ‘n hoes” anthems than about something, at least in his mind. positive.

“Though the wire” is also very good, talking about the aftermath of a near fatal car crash, over a high pitched Chaka Kahn sample, and it ends with “Last Call” a twelve minute extravaganza about how he got started/ signed in the industry, it’s really compelling stuff.

This album is fantastic, if this was the only album he ever released, it would’ve been remembered as a great rap album, and I glad it wasn’t as he’s a very talented guy and frankly hip hop needs more people as talented as Kanye, yes the skits are slightly irritating at times and I’m not a fan of “The new workout plan” at all, but frankly they do add atmosphere to an otherwise excellent album.

Rating: 4/5 if you like rap and haven’t checked this out yet go do it, right now.

Disagree, think I completely missed the point, let me know, until next time.


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