When it comes to cooking, there are few things that I find genuinely inspiring, in all honesty the book that has and continues to be instrumental to my style of cooking, is Nigel Slater’s “the kitchen diaries 2”, I like a lot of his other stuff and I also like Rachel Khoo’s “The Little Paris kitchen” book (which you should totally check out), this book is the one that I go to, for more (admittedly) sentimental reasons.


The reason for this, is that last year I was going through a tricky time, I had just started a new job and I was questioning whether this was the profession I actually wanted to continue with and so, one cold weekend in october I went to visit an old friend in liverpool, it was a fun weekend which cheered me up immensely, and on the saturday, we went to a “Waterstones” I bought this book, as he is my favourite of the TV cooks, I had also never had one of his books before, and it was fantastic, I read it compulsively, as if it was a thriller, by the end of the next week i had read it cover to cover.

I was struck by his passion for cooking, it also by extension, reinvigorated my dwindling  passion for cooking, by far the thing I am most proud of is the marmalade of his I made which turned out pretty well.


So I suppose what this is is an open letter to Nigel Slater, I doubt that you will see this, but thank you, without your book I probably wouldn’t be as keen a chef as I am now, I’m sorry if this is a bit schmaltzy but it is true.

Thank you

Daniel McKeon

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