Gabrielle Aplin: English Rain review

I’m so very sorry there haven’t been any updates recently, work has been very busy for the last couple of weeks.


Want to know why this blog is generally pretty positive? Because there is so much irritating cynicism on the internet I don’t think it needs anymore. *Spoilers* this review is positive too, what’re you gonna do?

I pre ordered this album way back when she released “The Power Of Love”, I don’t usually pre order things off the strength of one single, but that was a truly excellent single, does the album live up to my hopes? Yes, for the most part.

The album open with her latest single “Panic Cord” a very breezy number that, like most of the album skips along at a lovely pace, I love her voice it’s beautiful and as the album continues, it and the songs range from sad to happy but it never feels jarring, a couple of highlights include, “How do you feel today” and the new revamped version of “home”.

I like this album a lot, my problem though is that… I don’t love it, because unlike Lucy Rose’s near perfect debut, which touched me deeply, real whole body goose-bump covering heartbreaking lyricism, coupled with a fantastic musical arrangement, and it felt like a cohesive whole, this album always feels like a collection of bits rather than an album, but so do many peoples debuts.

She has immense talent and I will be with her from now on, as long as she continues to make good music, I just hope her next album will feel more complete, one last thing, I have never felt more glad an album had a secret track, as, had it not had a secret track the final track would’ve left a bitter taste in my mouth, as the secret track is a much more fitting end to the album, than start of time which is a bit bland and predictable.

Rating 4/5 an excellent debut that shows a huge amount of potential, go buy it.

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