So… Films

So I haven’t done any film reviews in quite a while, the reason for this is twofold:

1. I haven’t seen many new films recently, I desperately wanted to see “The Place Beyond The Pines” only it isn’t playing near to me… Ok it is but only at the very expensive cinema in Leicester Square, I still will see it, and when I do I will review it but it may not be until it hits DVD.

2. I’ve wanted to do other things with this blog and frankly I’m really pleased with how they’ve gone, I’m definitely going to do more, recipes, music reviews, and I’ve got a couple of things similar to my last blog planned as well.

I will try to have a more regular stream of content going up as well, every week there will hopefully be a post up, I will also try to keep this website primarily about films, but I do want to do other things so it doesn’t become dull and repetitive.

Until next time, Goodbye

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