London: Part 1


Of all the places I have travelled (so far), London is my favourite, it almost has it’s own personality.

I love how I can walk from Buckingham palace, through Green Park, past The Ritz, past Piccadilly Circus, into Leicester square, potter around Covent Garden, swing through Soho for coffee and finally end up in Oxford street, and if I want to I can then walk down to regent street, if I’m trying really hard.

The beauty of London is that you can see most of the landmarks in a weekend, but you don’t want to do that, because to get the best of London you’ve got to be there for a week.

It’s a city that rewards exploration, sure you can just stay on the high streets, and you’ll have a nice time, but I have found some truly incredible things by going off the beaten track, from independent delis in Kensington, bakers in Dulwich and record stores in Soho.


As a city it is truly incredible, it is so beautiful, it does have flaws, don’t worry I don’t walk around everyday wearing rose-tinted glasses, that would get pretty tiring, next week I will give a small guide on some places to go to while here.

Daniel McKeon


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