Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience review


Well, it seems my conversion is complete, I was never a fan of Justin Timberlake originally, his first album was ok and his second was too out there for me, now I think both of them are pretty good albums, this one I like the most, so classy and chilled, it’s exactly what a pop album should be, a flawed masterpiece, if you will.

the album begins with “Pusher Love Girl” in which he exclaims “I’m just a j-j-j- junkie for your love”, and from there it’s nine other, pretty long tracks, it never feels self indulgent though, the entire album just has such a groove, that you never really notice, when it finishes you just want to start it from the beginning…

This is such a tightly produced album, it really has been made to last, I think in five/ ten years it will sound just as fresh as it does now, it never feels like a retro- throwback album though, it’s definitely got both feet in the present day, but takes inspiration from the past, (see the soulful “That Girl”), and it ends with the beautiful “Blue Ocean Floor” a track with a real sombre tone, that I adore.

Rating 4.5/5 A very impressive album, though some tracks do go on a bit too long, it’s generally very tight.

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