The Academy Awards


So the Academy Awards are tomorrow, so I’m gonna give a quick rundown of what I think will win and what I would like to win, in a few categories: Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress and Animated Feature.

Best Picture


Let’s face it, it’s going to be either Argo or Lincoln, and while I like Argo a lot, it was probably my second favourite film of last year, I think Lincoln deserves it more, it’s a more worthy film, also if argo won I think it would be looked back on like when Dances With Wolves won over Goodfellas.

The film I would like to win is either Lincoln or Django Unchained, I thought Django was great, Tarantino’s best in a while, and if the academy wanted to shake off it’s image of allways giving it to the most obvious choice, it could do worse than to chose Django, or Zero Dark Thirty, both good films that should win something.

Best Actor 


Daniel Day Lewis will probably win and while he was fantastic, he wasn’t as incredible as Denzel Washington, I love Denzel and this is one of his best performances in a while, it’s a powerhouse performance that elevates the film from good to great. I would be very happy if either of these actors won.

Best Actress


This is an interesting year for the best actress category, because everyone has a different idea of who will win and if you disagree with them, they look at you as if they’re going to challenge you to pistols at dawn; that’s how passionate the performances have made people.

So in my opinion the Oscar should go to Jessica Chastian, she is always good andd in this film she gives the most incredible performance I have seen in a while and she is, much like Denzel in Flight, the thing that transforms Zero Dark Thirty from a good film into a great film and frankly if she doesn’t win the Oscar I will be deeply saddened.

Best Supporting Actor


I think Christoph Waltz will win, good he deserves it, he was incredible, as he always is, I don’t really have all that much to say about him, it’s nice to see him play a hero for once and he defiantly deserves to win.

Best Supporting Actress


Anne Hathaway will win this particular Oscar and that’s good as, much like Waltz that’s great she very much deserves it, her performance was fantastic and when she sings “I dreamed a dream” as everyone said it is the “oscar moment”, This is by far her best performance I have ever seen and I’m glad she is being rewarded for it.

Animated Feature


Brave will win this one, does it deserve it? No and it hurts me to say that about a Pixar film, I love Pixar they are a great studio, but I don’t know what has happened to them recently, Cars 2 is by far one of the worst children’s films I have ever seen, don’t get me wrong Brave is good, I liked it and you should check it out, it was beautiful and was genuinely touching in places, but it just was slightly to safe, maybe that was because Cars 2 was an abomination and they wanted to play it safe for this one, that’s fine but it wasn’t the best animated film this year.

No that was Paranorman it was a moving, funny and at times scary film, it was a horror film for kids and was clearly made by people who love the genre, I was with it as soon as it started with the Grindhouse “our feature presentation” homage.

Those are my picks I will do a blog talking about how wrong, or right I was so until then, goodbye.

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