A miniature review of Zero Dark Thirty


Zero Dark Thirty

Run Time: 158 Cert: 15

Zero Dark Thirty, is the story of how the CIA hunted down Osama Bin Laden, it stars Jessica Chastain as Maya a naive young CIA agent who throughout the course of the film becomes obsessed with catching him.

This is a very impressive piece of film making, led by one of the best performances, I have seen in a long time from Chastain, she is incredible as Maya and I was with her every step of the way, I don’t think that the film condones torture, I think it finds it reprehensible, I can’t be sure if that is me projecting my own feelings upon it, but that is a decision the audience will have make for itself. I would definitely recommend it, it is slightly predictable, but that is a slightly redundant criticism is suppose, give the subject matter.

Rating: 4/5 A good film, made even better, by an incredible performance from Chastain, I would recommend it, if she doesn’t win the Oscar I will cry “fix, fix, fix”.

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