Everything has led to this…

The news I teased in my last blog is that, this blog is going to change, it will, for the moment continue to be primarily a film blog, but the thing is is that… I don’t know a damn thing about what goes into making a film.

What I do know about is cooking, because, for those who don’t know, I’m a chef. “But Daniel, if you’re a chef why didn’t you make a cooking blog?” Well, I wasn’t a very good writer when I started, so, yes every letter, comma, colon, semi colon and full stop has led us to this point, a point when I feel confident enough to talk about what I do everyday.

Don’t, for one second think that it will be only blogs about cookery, I’ve just seen a lot of films at the cinema and I’m writing reviews of: Les Mis and Gangster squad and tomorrow I’m seeing Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln.

Primarily it will be a film blog, but there will be recipes, because nothing makes me more excited in the world, than the crackle great bread makes when you slice through the crust into the soft centre, or the perfume marmalade exudes as you make it,

Please stay with this website, as the content I’m making right now is worth your time, honest.

Thank you and goodnight.

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