The top 5 worst albums of 2012

I’m very sorry for the delay on this, there’s been some very serious family stuff I’ve had to deal with, which involved my mum, dad, sister and brother staying with me in my small two bed flat, I could hardly say, “all right everyone get out I’ve gotta write this blog post” could I?

Look I don’t actively seek out bad music, so this is just what I happened to hear, so here we go…

5: Jason Mraz- Love is a four letter word


Every artist on this list I liked at some point… Except Pitbull, I even liked Jason Mraz’ last album, but this is just awful, if you want a good slightly edgy “white guy with an acoustic guitar” album just listen to Ed Sheeran, not this, this album is dull and dreary, and the swearing feels very out of place on this mostly positive album, the reason this isn’t higher, and this is the only compliment I will be paying this album is, it does feel genuine, if this album was a person I would cross the road to avoid it.

4:One Direction- Take me home


I don’t like One Direction, I don’t care enough to hate them, but I can’t like them, I don’t like that they are the biggest british band in America, in my Something Different post I called them abysmal, I think that was fair and I think this album proves it, these guys are so safe make early Take That look like early Eminem, the problem is that they’re like an action film with all the violence taken out, these guys are the Total Recall remake of bands, they don’t feel genuine, songs like “Live while we’re young” and “C’mon c’mon” don’t paint a picture of a group of guys having a good time, they paint a picture of a group of guys who have been told to pretend they’re having a good time.

Don’t waste your time on these guys, listen to Lucy Rose instead.

3:Pitbull- Global Warming


The reason I listened to this album, is that I heard his song for Men in Black 3, with this completely out of place dubstep breakdown and mismatched sample, and I had to know whether the rest of the album was that bad… He didn’t disappoint, this album is a mess of  bad rapping, and gratuitous Spanish; in some ways you should probably check it out, it is at the very least unintentionally funny, but it’s really bad.

2: Rihanna- Unapologetic


You know, there was a time when I liked Rihanna, honestly, I thought “Good Girl Gone Bad” despite some lyrical deficiency was a decent album, but in the past seven years she has made seven albums, that is a phenomenal rate of work which I sort of admire, but I can’t really because, she isn’t good enough to keep up with that rate of work, her albums have progressively got worse and album marks her lowest ebb, most of the songs are completely phoned in, “duets” with other artists and then there is the one with Chris Brown… I’m not even going to touch that, I’ll leave that to another more brave reviewer.

I hate this album, it’s lazy, not as lazy as my number 1’s album but it still is very bad, Rihanna needs to take a break for a year, at least.

A couple of dishonourable mentions:

Bruno Mars followed his immensely charming debut, with an utterly charmless album “Unorthodox Jukebox” in which he rips off many much better artists (“The Police” and “Phil Collins” to name a couple), and brags about how much sex he has… How enthralling, get better or go away Bruno.

Maroon 5 completely sold out with there new album “overexposed”, why is this not on the list? I like Maroon 5 they’re kind of like Bruno Mars, except at least for the most part with more artistic integrity, I didn’t like this or their second album, but I really liked the first and third, so I hope the next is a return to form, don’t listen to this, it isn’t very good

1: Nicki Minaj- Pink friday… Roman Reloaded


Hey, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon but, this is bad, as in, really bad, this is the worst album I’ve heard in a long time, I don’t have anything to say about it really, I would rather listen to all of the albums, including the dishonourable mentions, back to back, than listen to a track on this album, ok here are some genuine lyrics from this album, “Boobs, boobs, boobs lotta boobs” and “you a stupid hoe”, need I say anymore?

Ok, I’m gonna end this on a positive note, there is a singer I’m remarkably fond of called Gabrielle Aplin, and she has a new single out, “Salvation”, and the best thing, it’s free, go check it out here

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