Justenoughsteak, a top notch blog that you should check out

Ok there is a blog that I love, but I didn’t start following until today (sorry Jimmy), it’s written by an old friend of mine, he didn’t ask me to do this I just really wanted to give him a shout out, his blog is fantastically written and often beautifully honest, truly if my blog is half as well written as his I will be happy, it’s very different to mine, his is used to let you know what’s going on in his life, maybe I should do that more, oh well go check him out, his last two posts have been incredible and really were the inspiration for this.

His blog

oh and while you’re still here I have some news, I’m not doing a top 10 films of 2012, it’s to late and I didn’t really see enough films, to really warrant one, oh well hopefully there will be on next year, I also have some big news that announce next month if all goes well, and don’t worry I’m working on some film reviews at the moment.

Thank you

Daniel McKeon

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