Joseph Gordon- Levitt month and site update

Ok first off, I’m sorry there haven’t been any updates recently, but it was christmas and I was busy so for that I’m sorry.

So Joseph Gordon- Levitt month is going pretty well; there are going to be two more reviews soon, I’m not going to give a definite date, but it will be next week at some point.

I will be doing a top 10 best and worst of list at the end of January, as I haven’t seen a lot of films that came out this year, (plus Django Unchained comes out in january and I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss that off my list), but at the end of December/ early January I will be doing a top 10 best and worst albums of the year list.

So fear not there is plenty of content coming your way, you just have to be patient with me, as I am just one man with a real life, and a hell of a lot of films come out each year, so I will inevitably miss some out but that’s life.

Thanks for your support,

Daniel McKeon.

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