50/ 50 (2011) review

The second entry in Joseph Gordon- Levitt month, sorry it’s not very long, but it’s a very hard film to review without giving away the plot.


50/ 50

Cert 15 Run time 100 mins

How would you rect if you found out you had cancer? This is the question 50/ 50 poses.

We are first introduced to Adam (Joseph Gordon- Levitt) a you twenty something who is told, by the least compassionate doctor ever to be put on screen, that he has a rare form of cancer of the spine. Now that is not the typical plot synopses for a comedy, but 50/ 50 is funny, very funny and that’s all down to Seth Rogen and Levitt, because at it’s heart this is a film about a bromance, and what one goes through, when one of them is diagnosed with cancer.

Adam lives with his girlfriend Racheal (Bryce Dallas Howard) who stays with him when he diagnosed, but cancer poses challenges not just for the individual who is diagnosed, but for those around them as well, it needs a certain type of person to look after a cancer patient and she just doesn’t have the chops, this film doesn’t show the half of some of the problems so really she gets off pretty easy.


Fortunately he has his therapist the hospital has provided him with Katherine (Anna Kendrick), she’s very kind, bubbly and Kendrick gives a very convincing performance, Adam is very cagey at first as she is so young, but she eventually wins him over. He also has his slightly overbearing mother Diane (Anjelica Houston) to help him, but she can’t help him full time as she has his dad (who has alzheimer’s) to look after.

Plus he has his best friend Kyle (Seth Rogen), you get the impression that they’ve known each other for a long time, and the friendship they have is one of the most convincing on screen friendships I’ve seen in a while, a particular highlight for me is when Adam shaves his head, a very amusing moment.


This is a very good film it’s not perfect by any means, it isn’t the most true to life film, but lets face it the more you know about cancer, the less you want it to be, but it’s very well acted, directed and written the dialogue sparkles with fantastic lines, I can’t go more into it without spoilers, but it’s fantastic and should be defiantly seen by fans of Joseph Gordon- Levitt, it’s by no means a mysterious skin, but it’s definitely better than The Dark Knight Rises.

Rating 4/5 A very touching film about the effects cancer has on the people around the sufferer, It’s good not great but I’d watch it again. Go see it

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