Skyfall/ Argo

Two very small reviews of two very big, fantastic films, go see them.


This is a fantastic film, that should be seen by everyone regardless of whether they like James Bond or not, it has immense performances from everyone regardless of how big or small the part, for me though Judi Dench is the best, Bardem and Craig are great but she steals the show.

Rating 4.5/ 5 best James Bond film? Yes but more importantly the best film I’ve seen all year (so far).


“You’ve gotta go see the new Ben Affleck film” that’s a hard sell. But I assure you this is more than worth your time, this is a film fabulously directed, and lovingly put together, tense, really tense thriller; but it’s not all tense oh no, this has some of the best satire of Hollywood I’ve ever seen in a film.

I could go on about this film and Skyfall for pages and pages but here’s the thing, these films are not going to be in the cinema for long, so please I implore you, go and see them as soon as is physically possible, make it a double feature anything, just watch them, we need more films this well made and well acted.

Rating 4.5/5 go see it, as soon as is physically possible.

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