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Joseph Gordon- Levitt month and site update

Ok first off, I’m sorry there haven’t been any updates recently, but it was christmas and I was busy so for that I’m sorry. So Joseph Gordon- Levitt month is going pretty well; there are going to be two more … Continue reading

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50/ 50 (2011) review

The second entry in Joseph Gordon- Levitt month, sorry it’s not very long, but it’s a very hard film to review without giving away the plot. 50/ 50 Cert 15 Run time 100 mins How would you rect if you … Continue reading

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Something different

So I wanted to try something different today, (I’m currently writing the 50/ 50 review), as suggested by someone on twitter, I’m going to recommend some good musicians who are relatively well known in England, but not so much so … Continue reading

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Joseph Gordon- Levitt month announcement

So for the rest of december I will be reviewing a Joseph Gordon- Levitt film every week, (my weeks start on monday) starting with 50/ 50, I have never seen any of the films I will be reviewing, so it … Continue reading

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Mysterious Skin (2004) review

Mysterious Skin Run time 105 mins, rating 18 Mysterious skin is the story, of how an event in your childhood,┬ácan radically alter the way you live your life, we first meet Brian, played as a child by George webster, and … Continue reading

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Skyfall/ Argo

Two very small reviews of two very big, fantastic films, go see them. Skyfall This is a fantastic film, that should be seen by everyone regardless of whether they like James Bond or not, it has immense performances from everyone … Continue reading

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