The Expendables 2 review

The Expendables 2

Run time 103 minutes cert 15

The Expendables 2 is one of the silliest films I have ever seen, but it’s fantastic, the pre title sequence has more action than the whole of “The Enforcer” (the third “Dirty Harry” film), to be perfectly honest, I could have gone home at that point feeling satisfied, that however is merely the Amuse Bouche, the pre starter if you will, because from that point on the film becomes really fun, a film full of awful yet entertaining puns, high-flying kicks, seemingly endless bullets and of cause Jean-Claude Van Damme, but we’ll get to him later.

It isn’t necessary for you to have seen the other film because, if we’re honest that film didn’t really have a plot, this one does, but it’s paper-thin Mr Church (Bruce Willis) comes back and gets the gang to, with the help of new recruit “Bill The Kid” (Liam Hemsworth and Maggie (Nam Yu) retrieve a safe with the coordinates to a mine filled with weapons grade plutonium, but when one of there own is killed and the coordinates stollen, it becomes a revenge tale.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is the stand out here, he seems to have been made for this role, he plays a villain named Villain! He is so sinister he wears sunglasses in a mine, he also kicks a knife through a guys chest, that’s pretty awesome. Dolph Lundgren is great as well, they give him a proper role this time and poke fun at the fact that he’s actually very intelligent, though his line delivery makes Bane sound positively coherent. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis are back as “Mr Church” and “Trench”, some of the banter they have here is great I was just disappointed that he didn’t say “Get to da chopper!” but what are you gonna do?

Aside from the avengers, this provided the best cinema experience I’ve had this year, so far, I have only two minor gripes. Number 1 Chuck Norris, he is painfully awkward here, in fact the character he plays here would have been perfect for Clint Eastwood, why didn’t they get him? Number 2 not enough Jet li his role is basically a cameo, in fact I think his role was smaller than Chuck Norris’, but the screen time he has make sure to make him into a certified bad ass. As I said at the start the puns are bad, but the film knows that, it wants you to groan.

Rating 4/ 5 this film is a great fun and at points intense action film, that should be seen by anyone who likes cheesy action films from the 80’s

Sadly I wont be able to review The Amazing Spiderman because it isn’t in cinemas anywhere near where I live, sorry

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