The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest (2009) review

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets nest

Run time 147 mins cert 15

Spoilers for The first two “Girl” films so go and watch those first. 

A fitting end to one of the best trilogies to come about in recent years?

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest (which I shall now refer to as millennium 3), takes place exactly where the second film left of with the pulse pounding and bloody, confrontation in the barn, Lisbeth (Noomi Rapace) is taken to hospital, where she receives treatment for a bullet in the brain. She spends most of the first half of the film in hospital recovering, this means that we can spend more time with blomkvist (Michael  Nyqvist) and the millennium team, who, this time around have quite sizeable parts.

I didn’t think they could make the plot as fresh with this film, because we know what this is going to be about going in, right? Wrong this film has a very interesting plot especially as you see it from all sides, including some competent police (that sure makes a change in  these films), and a very shady agency who, the less I say about the better. In my opinion though the most interesting part of the film, is seeing the effect the trial has on the staff at millennium.

The courtroom scenes are very interesting and well done, you really root for Salander and, the way that the tape she made of the rape comes into it is very well done, you also get to see the man responsible for institutionalizing her and, get to know, and despise him.

I also enjoyed the fact, that they gave her hacker friend plague a proper supporting role, you get to see how he hacks and, though i’m sure a lot of it isn’t possible it is very interesting to watch.

What I also find interesting about these films is that they are all very different films, the first is a sleazy murder mystery, the second a highly taught thriller and this one is simultaneously a conspiracy thriller and a courtroom drama. I like that, each one is completely different, yet at the same time, similar enough so that you know you are watching the same series of films.

This film ties up all the loose ends and to answer my earlier question, yes, this is the best end to one of the best trilogies to come about in recent years, and while there were things I didn’t like in all of the films, they are a damn near perfect series of films, that are sometimes hard to watch, but worth it in every imaginable way. The one thing I would ask though, is that you don’t look for her new look in this film, because the reveal is worth the wait.

Rating 4/ 5 While I like this more than The Girl Who Played With Fire don’t take that as me saying, “don’t watch that film watch this”, all three of them are great films and are well worth your time.

Rating of the Trilogy 4.5/ 5 I can’t give them a flawless 5/ 5, but they are only a tiny bit off getting it and, in my opinion the best film trilogy I have ever seen. Now we will have to see if David Fincher can make his trilogy as good as these, but,at least for the time being I don’t see how anyone could surpass this as the best trilogy of films ever made.

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