A mini review of Inglorious Basterds (2009)

Inglorious Basterds

Run time 158 minutes cert 18

Tarantino’s second best film? I think so…

As I write this I am watching this film, and, it is such a good film, in fact I only just realised how good a film it is. It shows a great writer and director, one that is quickly becoming one of my favourites.

very quick rating on his films: Reservoir Dogs 3.5/5, Pulp Fiction 4/5 Jackie Brown 4.5/ 5 Kill Bill Volume 1 3.5/5 Volume 2 4/5 death proof 3/5. Now this film

This film is about LT Aldo Raine and his team of Nazi hunters called, “The Basterds” and their plan to kill Hitler, and a parallel plot involving a French Jewish girl who owns her own cinema and her very similar plan.

Tarantino’s love of cinema is clear in the romance with which every scene is shot and, I must admit, when you see the inside of the girls cinema, it fills you with romance and sadness about seeing an age cinema, that we may never see again in our lifetime.

If by the end of the first scene you heart is not pounding and you don’t have a profound fear of Christoph Waltz, I’m sorry but this film is definitely not for you.

I on the other hand adore this film and I would say that, much like Jackie brown which, in my opinion is his best, he seems very comfortable here and I think when he seems comfortable his films are better.

Rating 4.5/ 5 A great film not as good as Jackie Brown, but it more than makes up for the sub par Death Proof.

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