The Dark Knight Rises review

The Dark Knight Rises

Run time 164 mins cert 12A

Spoilers for The Dark Knight and Batman Begins so please go watch them first.

Well… it was better than Catwoman.

The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting end to the trilogy, however it has many plot-holes and really is the worst of the three.

I love Batman Begins and The Dark Knight they have problems. For example: the end of The Dark Knight is a bit silly and the action in the second half of Batman Begins is a bit dull, but they are fantastic, my ratings would be: Batman Begins 4/5 and The Dark Knight 4.5/5.

The plot of this film is, eight years after the events of The Dark Knight a greying and broken Bruce Wayne lives as a shut in, with no- one able to see him, other than his faithful butler and friend Alfred, but is then called back into the fray when Darth Connery, I mean Bane starts attacking Gotham.

This film is the opposite of Batman Begins, in that film Gotham was the bad leg of america, that everyone wanted to cut off, but in this film Gotham is a magic utopia where there is no organised crime and, by extension very little street crime.

In fact there is so little crime that they are thinking of getting rid of commissioner Gordan (Gary Oldman) who, let’s face it throws himself into every role he plays, so as you may expect he is fantastic, as he was in the other two.

All of the acting on show here is world-class, particularly Joseph Gordon- Levitt as Blake, Michael Caine  as Alfred near the end gives one of the most moving performances i’ve seen him give in a long time and in one moment, about half- way through Christian Bale gives a really moving performance, it doesn’t last long but its top notch.

The film is bizarrely paced in the first act with far to many flashbacks, then when it got moving the plot was pretty transparent and full of holes, not really the greatest combination, also for a “Batman” film there was hardly any Batman in it.

Apart from those small complaints I have to admit I had a good time, the score was epic and at some points bone shaking, the cinematography was fantastic and it was flawlessly edited.

The reveal of Bane was heart-pounding, the only problem with it was his voice, it sounds big and epic which is just what I wanted, but his actual voice sounds like Sean Connery crossed with Darth Vader and I must admit, when he first spoke, I had to stop myself from bursting into laughter, apart from that though he’s really well developed and very interesting as a character.

The other surprise for me was Catwoman, though they never actually call her that in the film, she’s a very cool character and though I have never really liked Ann Hathaway, or found her very attractive in the past in this she is great and when she’s with Bruce or Batman, the chemistry is so good they almost sizzle on the screen.

I enjoyed this film it may be the weakest of the three, but at nearly three hours long it really flew by and while it won’t change the face of cinema in any way, shape or form, it is a good way to spend a spare few hours. Also it isn’t as dark as The Dark Knight so you could take children aged 9- 12 and it wouldn’t upset at all.

Rating 3.5/ 5 If you don’t like the others this won’t change your mind but if you do this is defiantly worth your time. Also if you haven’t seen the first two films HMV has them on sale on Blu- Ray so I recommend getting those.

Rating for the Trilogy 4.5/ 5 A great trilogy of very serious superhero films.

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