Danny Glover’s career needs resurrecting

I think Danny Glover is a talented actor (for reference see The Colour Purple), however his career has been sagging since, well Lethal Weapon 4, he’s done a lot of films since then but can you remember any of them? Except Saw and Death at a Funeral, I can remember two The Prince of Egypt and Be Kind Rewind.

Now I think Danny Glover is talented and I think that a big name director out there needs to give him a supporting or even lead role in one of there new movies, because let’s face it he was Predator 2’s only redeeming feature, but I feel bad that he isn’t in the public eye anymore really.

So, he said optimistically if there are any film makers reading this, take a chance on Danny Glover try and do a do a John Trovolta in Pulp Fiction on him and try and get him back in top quality films.

Lethal Weapon 4 is in no way a top quality film, but it’s a damn sight better than the atrociousness that was Death at a Funeral.

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