Black Dynamite (2009) review

Black Dynamite

Run Time 84 minutes Cert 15

“Oh, you’s a corn-fed fool with a lot of muscle mass. But it’s time for Bullhorn to get up in that ass!”

Set in the 70’s, Black Dynamite is a blaxploitation spoof about, Black Dynamite he is a hero, who’s out to take down the Man, after his brother is killed and his city is overrun with drugs and alcohol.

This film is awesome, I think this may be the best spoof film since airplane, I have never seen a film made recently, that is so relentless in its humour and even though some of the jokes don’t work, don’t worry there will be another soon that will.

what makes this film work so well and what makes this such an enjoyable film, is that you can see how much the creators love the subject they’re making fun of, love is what all the “scary movie” trash was lacking, I despise those films, they make me angry just thinking about them. This is why Black Dynamite is so refreshing, also the actors play the roles so straight it never gets mean-spirited, it’s all done in the nicest way.

This film has corse language and nudity, but it’s never serious and shouldn’t upset anyone, if it does you really need to chill out, now I will admit that I was surprised by the swearing and nudity, but as long as you get past that you will really enjoy it.

The acting is brilliantly over the top, my favourite character is militant 2 who reads his stage directions “sarcastically I’m in charge”. but it’s Michael Jai White as the lead role that sells the film, he plays it so straight, that you would think he really is in a blaxploitation film.

This film is great, but I am so glad it is no longer than it is, because if I’m honest it would be too slow and feel a bit long, but as it is its fabulous and I hope that there is a Black Dynamite 2, because this shouldn’t be missed.

Rating 4/5 Yes some of the jokes don’t work, but it is so fasted paced, that it doesn’t matter that much.

Oh also if you buy this after you watch the film, check out the featurettes, as they really do show the love that went into this film.

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