Midnight in Paris (2011) review

Midnight in Paris

Run time 94 minutes, cert 12

First off sorry that there hasn’t been much up for the last week, I’ve been very busy lately, but hopefully next week shouldn’t be quite so full on.

Midnight in Paris is a fantastic film, but I wouldn’t really expect anything else from Woody Allen, who is one of the most talented directors out there.

Midnight in Paris is the story of, Gil (Owen Wilson), a successful but distracted Hollywood screenwriter and his fiancée, (who also has a stupid name), Inez (Rachel McAdams), tag along with Inez’s wealthy, conservative parents (Mimi Kennedy and Kurt Fuller) to paris. Gil is struggling to finish his first novel, but Inez and her parents are critical and dismissive of Gil’s desire to give up his lucrative Hollywood career to write it. While Gil is considering moving to the city, Inez is intent on living in Malibu. By chance, they are joined by Inez’s friend Paul (Michael Sheen), a pseudo-intellectual who speaks with great authority but little actual accuracy on the history and art of the city. Inez idolizes him, but Gil finds him insufferable and then while on a walk through Paris, he sees how the city and it’s people change at midnight.

The opening scene of this film is phenomenal, it is just a huge series of clips of paris set to music, however the first twenty minutes of the film are a bit dull, but that’s just setting up the characters and setting, after that though when Gil goes for the walk, it changes into a funny and touching romantic comedy.

This isn’t your normal romantic comedy though, but to explain why however would be quite hard to do without giving the plot away and this isn’t a film I would feel comfortable giving away.

Owen Wilson is really good in this film, now I don’t think he is a very talented actor, he is however very likeable no matter who he is playing, but in this film he is fantastic, it almost feels as if the film was made for him, because he gives the performance of his career in this film, he is funny, smart and really likeable and all the way through I wanted him to get this book published and move to Paris.

The city it’s self is almost a character in this film and after watching it I wanted to become a writer and move to Paris, this film is one of those films where you can see the love that went into it, just from the way the cityscapes are shot, it’s almost romantic in the way it is shot.

I adore this film from the acting all the way to the editing, the only reason I’m not giving it five out of five is because of those first twenty minutes, but I promise get through those and it is so worth it. So what I’m saying is please, I implore you please get this film on DVD it is virtually flawless.

Rating 4.5/5 This film is amazing and I can’t wait for the next Woody Allen film.

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