Men in black 3 reveiw

Men in Black 3

Run time 106 minutes Cert PG

The biggest problem with reviewing a comedy is that when you say, “oh this bit was funny” you have to explain the context, which stops it from being funny. Men in Black 3 though is very funny.

It is a fun film and is certainly better than the second, but it is flawed not hugely though only the first 20 minutes when J (Will Smith) is in the present time, mainly because it isn’t funny, in fact the funniest scene is when J is on the Phone to K (Tommy Lee Jones) and in the background there is a huge picture of frank (the talking dog from the first two films) on his wall. Which is also his only appearance in the film.

Don’t let that put you off though, because as soon as J goes back in time and meets up with young K (Josh Brolin) it becomes very funny very fast.

The acting is generally very good Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are as always great, but in places it isn’t very clever. The worst performance by a country mile is Jemaine Clement playing Boris the animal; there is nothing subtle about this performance, which is fine I’m not expecting Shakespeare here, just look at Vincent D’onofrio in the first one, or Alan Rickman in Die Hard.

He just isn’t talented enough, he was ok in flight of the concords but that’s it just ok, whatever his performance is too over the top for you to really enjoy the character and really get into the film. The best performance is Josh Brolin he plays a much happier and more optimistic K than Tommy Lee Jones ever could because he’s so much younger that he can get away with it and we get on board with him.

The editing is fine for a comedy of this kind. The score however is great, as he goes back in time the score changes from a modern-day soundtrack to one straight from the swinging sixties and it’s really funky and gets you in the mood of the film.

I liked Men in Black 3 it it’s no masterpiece but it’s better than the second, if you like the others you’ll like this one however if you don’t and you don’t have children who will want to see this go see moonrise kingdom or Prometheus.

Also I recommend the 2D version of this as the 3D only adds to the price rater than the experience. It is also quite violent, gruesome and has quite a lot of swearing for a PG. so just because it’s a PG doesn’t mean it’s suitable for young children but you can be the judge of what your children can take, if you’re the person who lets your 6-year-old watch Robocop and play grand theft auto then you’ve probably already messed up your child so this won’t do them any more harm.

Rating 3.5/5

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