Cosmopolis review


Run time 108 minutes cert 15

if you’d have asked me two weeks ago, what two films I was most excited about, I would have said Prometheus and Cosmopolis. well I’ve got good news and bad news, Prometheus is great, Cosmopolis however isn’t.

cosmopolis is about Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson), who travels across a gridlocked manhattan, in his white Sound- proofed ¬†limousine and the people he meets along the way, the soundproofing is a fascinating gimmick because as they move along you feel uneasy, because there is no outside noise, there is one scene where him and his head number cruncher are in the car and protesters are rocking the car from side to side, but these two people in the car seem completely oblivious, it’s unintentionally hilarious, in fact it’s probably my favourite scene in the film.

the film starts off very well we realise straight from the off Packer is emotionless, that’s fine by me, but Pattinson just isn’t quite ready for a role of this kind and you sense that in some of the scenes, he hasn’t developed his range enough so that he can pull off the emotions he needs to do to be able to make this character work and as the film is so focussed on him it all sort of falls flat.

The direction of the film is great, as always Cronenberg delivers the spectacular visuals you expect from one of his films and you can tell you are watching a master at work, the music however is a bit to 80’s for something so desperately trying to be modern and the editing is so all over the place that some of the transitions actually made me laugh, for example he asks someone a question in one scene and then suddenly he’s talking to a completely different person, we the audience are just sitting there just like well we were enjoying that, can we here the end of that conversation please?

this film is a mess and I really didn’t like it, but the social commentary is so on the money and the dialogue is so good that they really are the only things that save it from being a 1 /5, ignore the adverts that make it look like an action movie, because it isn’t it’s quite slow which is fine and some of the dialogue is awesome, but the lead actor, the soundtrack and the all over the place editing make this a one to miss.

Rating 2.5/5 I’m sorry I love Cronnenberg but this just wasn’t good enough.

Actually a dangerous method comes out on the 25th june on blu ray and dvd in the UK, so if you want a fantastic slow-paced David Cronenberg film thats the one you should defiantly get.

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